Bunny Baby Shower Guest Book Printable

This adorable bunny baby shower guest book is a great addition to a shower and a perfect gift for the mama-to-be! This design is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may not forward, share, sell or re-distribute the file. Ownership and copyright over all designs & graphics contained in the files are property of AspenJay. This post may contain affiliate links.

Adorable FREE bunny baby shower guest book printable! You can customize the name- this is SO precious! What a great idea to give the mama-to-be and have out at a baby shower! There are even more free printables to go along! Click on this site!

Hello! Today, I am thrilled to share with you my little Bunny Baby Shower Guest Book Printable. I designed him for the Bunny themed Baby Shower I hosted a few weeks back. This makes for a great shower decoration as well as a special memento to give the mama-to-be to hang in her nursery.

So about this bunny, I kind of have a love-hate relationship with him. He was a bit of a pain in the creation stage of things. He just wasn’t very cute. Of course, I was comparing him to my little elephant guest book which may have been a bit unfair… but regardless, I just wasn’t getting anywhere with him.

After stepping away from him for a day and then giving him a few more tweaks, this little bunny came to be and I am FINALLY happy with the result.

To fit the gender of the baby and the shower’s color scheme, you can swap out the pink balloons for blue or any color you want. I am debating a blue eared/feet version of the bunny because so many wanted it for the elephant. Just let me know if you would like one with the blue. *And it was requested… so now the little bunny has blue ears and feet, just scroll down! 

Bunny Baby Shower Guest Book

Adorable FREE bunny baby shower guest book printable! You can customize the name- this is SO precious! What a great idea to give the mama-to-be and have out at a baby shower! There are even more free printables to go along! Click on this site!

This little bunny guest book is super simple to put together and you might even have all the needed supplies.

*If you prefer to have the circles pre-printed on the guest book or want different color feet and ears, you can purchase the little bunny guestbook print in my shop HERE.


  • Cardstock – for the balloons I used three hues of pink/blue.
  • 1.5 in Circle Hole Punch – optional
  • Bunny Guest Book Printable (11×14 inch)– below in both pink and blue & with or without strings
  • Baker’s Twine– optional
  • 3d Foam Tape Squares
  • 11 in x 14 in Frame

Adorable FREE bunny baby shower guest book printable! You can customize the name- this is SO precious! What a great idea to give the mama-to-be and have out at a baby shower! There are even more free printables to go along! Click on this site!

– Click HERE to download the bunny guest book printable without strings.

– Click HERE to download the bunny printable with strings.

Adorable FREE blue bunny guestbook printable! This is such a cute idea for a baby shower!!! Love all the other free printables she gives away- PINNED!

– Download the BLUE bunny guest book printable without strings HERE 

– Download the BLUE bunny printable with strings HERE

Helpful Instructions

To personalize the bunny guest book, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat on your computer. If not, you can always write in the baby’s name manually. Open the bunny guest book with Adobe and it will ask you to ‘fill in the form’. Click on that area and type in the baby’s first name, last name or both. You are free to use any font you want but I can’t guarantee it will fit properly. If you want to use the font I specifically designed for that area you can download it for free here.

I printed the bunny printable on an 11 in x 17 in piece of white cardstock only because that was the closest size the printing place had to an 11 in x 14 in. I trimmed a little off the top and bottom so it would fit inside the frame. I then positioned the glass that came with the frame in the back so the balloons could be taped directly onto the bunny printable. 

Using a spice lid, I drew and cut out 30 circles measuring 1.5 inches from three different hues of pink cardstock. I would definitely suggest using a circle hole punch if you have one to save on time. Another super cute idea that a reader shared with me is to use a balloon hole punch

For the baker’s twine, I taped the top of each string to the paper because eventually the tape will be covered by the circles. Securing the part that the bunny holds was a little on the tricky side. With three of the ends of the twine, I cut them a little shorter and with a very small piece of tape I bundled them together. I glued them in place and covered the tape with the two remaining twine pieces which I then secured with a dab of glue. 

If you want to make it a little easier on yourself, just skip this whole process by downloading the bunny baby shower guest book printable with the strings included. It’s still pretty cute. 🙂

Adorable baby shower ideas! LOVE the bunny! She even gives away free printables!!! That FREE bunny guest book printable is SO cute! You definitely need to pin this one!

The frame was displayed on the entry table and all the ‘balloons’ were placed on the table with a pen. After the guests wrote their names, I used the 3d Foam Tape Squares to stick the circles onto the bunny printable which gave it some dimension. If you need a little sign, you can download the one I made to match the bunny HERE


Adorable right?! And oooooohh so easy to put together.

Will you be using this bunny baby shower guest book at the next shower you throw? Tag @aspenjay_blog on Instagram or send me a photo. I WANNA SEE!!!

Now, what animal should I do next? Hmm…. 😉

Adorable FREE bunny guest book printable! You can customize the name- this is SO precious! What a great idea to give the mama-to-be and have out at a baby shower! There are even more free printables to go along! Click on this site!

All designs are for personal use only, and cannot be resold or redistributed.

Need matching invites? I have pink little bunny invites (and purple) in my shop.little bunny baby shower invites- so precious! with matching bunny guest book printable!

And bunny table signs to match!bunny table signs

Click here to see where I like to party.


  1. Nikita says:

    This is exceptionally beautiful. Thanks for sharing!! I am definitely using this for my sister’s baby welcome party.

    Would you have other designs? other than the bunny and elephant?

    Could you please guide me as to which card stock you are using? Are there different ones – based on quality that is? Which one are you using on the picture?


    • Aspen Jay says:

      Thanks Nikita!

      I used a heavier cardstock that was more of a matte finish than a gloss. You don’t need anything special or super thick just thick enough to make the paper a little more sturdier and not flimsy like normal paper.
      I am always adding to my baby shower design themes and as of now, I also have baseball themed on the blog and an owl and fox which are currently just in my shop but I will be sharing some freebies of both in the near future. 🙂

      Best of luck with your sister’s baby shower and congrats on the new niece or nephew!


  2. Courtney Boulukos says:

    I LOVE this guestbook idea! I am throwing my sister’s baby shower and I would love to do this for the guest book. The theme is ballerina and I would love the image to be a ballerina holding the balloons rather than the elephant or bunny. Would you be able to do something like that??
    Thank you!

    • Aspen Jay says:

      Hi Courtney,

      That would be so pretty!!! I currently don’t have any ballerina designs, but love this idea for one. I’m not creating any new designs until the beginning of Fall, sorry about that! Hope you have a fabulous time preparing for the baby shower!!!!


  3. Jen says:

    I love your creation ! I’m hoping you can do a ballerina printable guest book . I am hosting a shower to my friend and her theme is Ballerina Tutu. I love the bunny and elephant you did .

    • Aspen Jay says:

      Hi Jen,
      Oh a ballerina themed baby shower for a little girl would be so much fun to throw! I currently am not designing any new guestbooks until September. Sorry about that! But that is a great idea! Best of luck with the baby shower!


  4. Holly Emch says:

    Wondering if I can get some help! I love the bunny with the strings but I am trying to add two names as my brother is having twin girls. Is there anyway you could do it in whatever program you wrote it in. I am just not able to make font smaller for names. Let me know. Thanks!1

    • Aspen Jay says:

      Hi Holly,
      Glad you like the little bunny! Yes, I can customize the text for you. If you just want to head over to my Etsy shop and purchase “customize an item” listing (found here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/462689819 ) with a note in it about the bunny and the names you want, then I will make it for you. Since you are having twins… what about two bunnies?! Or would you rather just have one? Just let me know! 🙂

  5. Marcie says:

    You don’t happen to have this in a koala bear pattern? I am hosting a gender neutral baby shower for a mom to be who is planning on doing the room in Koala bears. I love this idea and would love to use it.

    • Aspen Jay says:

      Hi Marcie,
      Oh a koala bear would be absolutely adorable! Unfortunately, I don’t have any designed yet… but thanks for the idea for hopefully sometime in the future! If you aren’t set on koala bears, you could use my elephant guest book printable and print it off with yellow ears and feet, just an idea. 🙂
      Hope you have a wonderful time preparing for the shower!

  6. marcie says:

    You wouldn’t have one with a Koala bear on it. I am hosting a baby shower for a friend who loves Koala bears and is decorating the baby’s room with Koala’s.

  7. Caelius says:

    Dear AJ,
    Hello from France !
    Thank you so much for your lovely bunny theme !
    I actually organize a baby shower for a friend and I’m looking for the printable “let’s shower the mama to be” on your blog but I can’t find it… Could you help me ?

    • Aspen Jay says:

      Hello Caelius! You are most welcome!
      Sorry for the confusion! I have been meaning to write a post highlighting the raindrop background and then sharing the “Shower the Mama” printable. Anyways, I obviously haven’t gotten around to it yet, so I just went ahead and added a link to download it on the Little Bunny Baby Shower post for you.

      Enjoy! 🙂

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