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Okay so I am currently in love with anything from the Roaring 20’s including these free 1920’s fonts. It all started a few years ago when we had the opportunity to visit several mansions in Newport, Rhode Island. And

Talk about stunningly beautiful!

The high quality of materials and fine craftsmanship is absolutely amazing! To give you an example, William Vanderbilt’s home, the Marble House, reported to cost $11 million (remember this was back in 1890), and $7 million of that was spent on marble alone! Not to mention they have a room they called ‘the gold room’ which is very fitting seeing how it is covered in 22-karat gold leaf! Oh, I may have failed to mention that these were their summer cottages! Holy smokes! Can you imagine their everyday homes?!

One of my favorite mansions to visit was the Rosecliff Mansion. It may look familiar for several films have had scenes shot there like 27 Dresses, The Great Gatsby, and if you like old films, High Society.

1920's, art deco, great gatsby fonts- FREE!I really enjoyed learning the story inside this mansion. The lady that commissioned Rosecliff was Nevada silver heiress Theresa Fair Oelrichs. Tessie, as her friend would call her, knew how to throw a good party, in fact she was ALL about entertaining (hmm…kind of reminds me of someone 🙂  ). Wouldn’t you have liked to attend one of her parties?! I know I would!

I would love to be immersed in this period. The music, the culture, the style…can you just imagine it being the norm for men to wear fedoras instead of baseball hats? mmmm that would be lovely.

I almost feel like I received a taste of what it was like when we threw our 1920s party. In preparing for the party, I studied about the Roaring 20’s for a few months so my mind was immersed in the time period and then to create an atmosphere like it and have guests arrive dressed in that period’s fashion really took me back.

Great ideas for a 1920's Speakeasy party!
Anywho… I wanted to share my slight fetish for this time period with you by compiling a list of several of my favorite 1920’s fonts (Art Deco, Vintage, Great Gatsby– whatever you want to call them). They are great in creating invitations, stencils, food labels, and printables. Oh and did I mention these are free fonts? Woot, woot! You can’t beat that!


15 Free 1920's fonts; art deco fonts; Great Gatsby fonts-whatever you want to call them!

Do they not perfectly catch the time period?

Think how great your invitations will look!

Just click on the font and it will take you to the site where you can download it.

1. Decotech     2. Gatsby     3. Little Lord Fontleroy     4. Showtime

5. FHA Condensed French     6. Metro Retro     7. Deco Borders     8. Grenadier NF

9. Park Lane     10. Cameo Appearance     11. Riesling

12. Eccentric STD     13. Budmo     14. Seaside-Resort     15. Betty Noir

Have Fun with your 1920’s FONTS!

Oh, you’re welcome! 😉

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Speakeasy fan? Don’t forget to check out the photos from our Roaring 1920’s party.

1920's, art deco, great gatsby fonts- FREE!

Click here to see where I like to party.

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    I am creating my own art deco themed wedding poster to be used as a guest book and was wondering if you could direct me to some websites that have free templates and decorative details?

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