Free Baby Bingo Cards

This past weekend I helped throw a pink elephant baby shower for a girlfriend which turned out super cute! For the party, I created these Free Baby Bingo Cards which are too adorable for words! Well I think so anyways. 😉

->Also have the elephant in yellow and green in another baby shower game over here.

These are so adorable! Free baby bingo cards that are customizable. A great way to get guests involved when the mama-to-be is opening presents. Such a great idea!

Playing baby bingo is a GREAT way to keep everyone entertained at a baby shower while presents are being opened. It is a simple game that everyone knows how to play and it is less awkward for the mama-to-be when she is unwrapping her gifts!

The ladies at the baby shower were very interested in each gift the mama-to-be was opening, especially a baby care kit she opened that had all sorts of items in it that they could cross off on their bingo cards. It was just an easy way to make it fun for everyone and it was perfect for my friend because she didn’t want to play any ‘silly games’ at her shower.

I had previously designed some free baby bingo cards and two other games for a past baby shower (check it out here), which are cute and all… but I frankly wanted something new. So glad I did because these elephant baby bingo cards turned out super cute! And they match the guest sign in… which I cannot wait to show you!!!!

These are so adorable! Free baby bingo cards that are customizable. A great way to get guests involved when the mama-to-be is opening presents. Such a great idea!


Each bingo card is 5 x 7 and two cards will print out per page. Just click on the link for the color you want:

Blue Baby Bingo Cards

Pink Baby Bingo Cards

I hope you enjoy these free baby bingo cards for the next baby shower party you throw!

Are you going to use this little elephant at the baby shower? Tag @aspenjay_blog on Instagram or send me a photo. I WANNA SEE party pictures!!!

All designs are for personal use only, and cannot be resold or redistributed.


Do you need more games for your shower? Click on over to my Etsy shop to grab this fun package of baby shower games!

Love, love, LOVE this set of pink elephant baby shower games! So precious! Definitely pin for the next baby shower you throw!

If you love this little elephant, you may want to grab this Free Elephant Guest Book Printable.

Free Elephant Baby Shower Guest Book Printable. SUPER cute! And you can even customize it! LOVE this!!! Definitely going to use this at the next baby shower I throw!

If you are throwing an elephant theme baby shower, these washcloth elephants are a must!

How to make a baby wash cloth elephant in just 5 easy steps. These are so adorable and tiny!

Need gender neutral games? Be sure to snag these Yellow and Green baby shower games for free!

FREE Printable Baby Shower Game - Old Wives' Tales - GENDER NEUTRAL -such a fun shower trivia game and I swear some really are true!!! That little elephant is adorable!

Click here to see where I like to party.


  1. Brenda says:

    Love the baby elephant guest book. My niece is having a boy and her theme is baby elephants so I can’t wait to surprise her with your image! Thank you so much.

  2. maureen k says:

    Thanks for your printable elephant bingo cards, my daughter’s shower theme is elephants and they match perfectly, they are adorable

  3. Karen says:

    This printable is SO cute! I love it. I used it for a baby shower I threw. ANd I mentioned and linked to it in my blog post.
    Thanks for this great resource!

  4. Kalila says:

    So cute! How did you print the 11×17 cardstock for the guest sign in? My printer doesn’t print that big and I can’t seem to find a place that will print that size. Thanks.

    • Aspen Jay says:

      Hi Kalila,
      Thanks! I printed mine off at FedEx/Kinkos because there is one close to my house and I don’t have a color printer. I know there are some printers that allow you to manually feed in that large of paper, you could try that. Also Staples makes prints or your local library may be able to help you print it.
      Hopefully that helps, if not, let me know.

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