Free Printable Baby Shower Game – Old Wives Tales

Enjoy this fun FREE printable baby shower game featuring the little elephant in gender neutral colors.

FREE Printable Baby Shower Game - Old Wives' Tales - GENDER NEUTRAL -such a fun shower trivia game and I swear some really are true!!! That little elephant is adorable!

When I was 5 months pregnant with my first, my husband and I went out to eat for my birthday. After the meal, our waitress came by to clear our table. She asked us about our upcoming addition, how far I was along, if we knew the gender (which we didn’t), etc.

She then assuredly told me that she knew that I was having a baby boy because I was carrying high.

The waitress had never seen me standing up since she didn’t seat us. So how in the world you can tell how a mama is carrying when she is seated down, I don’t know.

At the time I thought it was a …

little um…


I don’t know… perhaps because she thought she knew more about my baby than me. And it seemed a little personal?

Well low and behold she was right.

Now fast forward 5 years. At church, I noticed one of the gals had quite a little tummy which had not been there before. By the way she was carrying (low) and the size of her belly (it being her 1st), I predicted that she was about 4 months pregnant and was going to have a baby girl.

Of course I didn’t go up and ask her!

Knowing it to be a great sin to inquire if a lady is pregnant, I had to wait a week or two until her husband told everyone they were expecting.

Honest to goodness I was SPOT on! Look at me becoming like one of those ladies! 😉

FREE Printable Baby Shower Game - Old Wives' Tales - GENDER NEUTRAL -such a fun shower trivia game and I swear some really are true!!! That little elephant is adorable!

I have a few more stories that confirm a few of the “old wives’ tales” as accurate.

Like the dark line that appears on a pregnant mama’s belly usually in her 3rd trimester. If the line is from the belly button down it is a boy or if the line is from the top of the belly all the way down it is a girl. I have asked many, many mother’s about the line on their tummies and ‘the line theory’ has been 100% correct.

I could go on, but my scientific husband told me that was quite enough.


I thought having a little trivia game with several of the Old Wives’ Tales would be fun so I created one for you all. I have only been sharing pink and blue games thus far, so today I wanted to share my Old Wives’ Tales shower game cards in two neutral friendly colors to switch things up. 

Each game card is 5 x 7 inches and prints two per page. You can print them at home, the office, or a professional printing place. To download, simply click on the link for the color you want (answer key is included):

Yellow Old Wives’ Tales Game

Green Old Wives’ Tales Game

I hope you and your guests enjoy this free printable baby shower game at your next baby shower!

What Old Wives’ Tales do you swear by? 😉

Will you be using the little elephant at your upcoming baby shower? Tag @aspenjay_blog on Instagram or send me a photo. I WANNA SEE party pictures!!!

All designs are for personal use only, and cannot be resold or redistributed.

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