Reindeer Noodle Christmas Craft

noodle reindeer kid craft
Are you big into Christmas decorating? My family has always been about holiday decorating. We don’t have seasonal shower curtains or anything but each kid adorned their room with Christmas cheer, complete with a small tree and lights. Back in fifth grade, I constructed a bridge for a school science project made completely out of noodles. I had quite a few noodle extras, so I decided to craft some little reindeers out of my spares. I made a full set of reindeer complete with Santa’s sleigh in a winter scene which was displayed on my book shelf. Yes the holiday decorating bug caught me at a young age.

noodle reindeer kid craft with santa- Christmas ornament
The noodle reindeer craft is a simple project for kids of all ages whether they want to create a winter scene or make a reindeer ornament.

Noodles Needed:

  • Penne    (body of reindeer)
  • Rotini or Fusilli    (ears/antlers)
  • Orecchiette    (head)
  • Macaroni    (feet)

Other Materials Needed:

  • glue   (if you have a little older crowd, a hot glue gun works great)
  • bakers twine   (string or anything you want to use to hang the reindeer from the tree)
  • small black ball   (can use puff balls or black beads, I used a pin cushion needle)


Begin by selecting the noodles for each part of the reindeer. Sift through the macaroni to find the ‘straighter’ pieces for the reindeer’s legs and break the rotini/fusilli in half to create the right length for the ears/antlers. After arranging the noodles, glue them into place.

creating the reindeer noodle harness
Once the glue is dry, take the string and tie it around the neck and body of the reindeer creating an ‘X’. Loop the string side which went underneath the body through the top right side. Pull both sides firm and tie the ends in a double knot.

noodle reindeer craft ornamentHang the reindeer on your tree to spread a little Christmas cheer!

noodle reindeer kid craft with santa

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