Free Valentines Couples Game Cards

Free printable Valentine Couples Game Cards for the next adult Valentines party or get together you have!

FREE printable Valentines Couples Game cards! Fun game that challenges how well couples think they know each other. Definitely PIN!

Last year my friend and I were asked to throw a last minute Valentines Party at our church which came together beautifully and was a lot of fun.

An ideal Valentines Party would be light refreshments and dancing… but let’s be honest. How many people actually go out onto the dance floor and dance? Okay maybe at weddings and other such affairs but how many are sitting?

Am I right?!

Great idea for throwing a Couples Valentine Party!!! This would be so much fun! Definitely need to plan one for next year. Love the photo booth (and the GIANT heart!!!) and the rustic valentine feel. Definitely need to PIN!

My case in point. 🙂

We encouraged dancing throughout the night with marginal success as expected so for a little more interaction (and a chance to win prizes!) we decided to have a few activities. I wanted a more leisurely game to start the evening off while people were snacking on refreshments and something that would spark conversation at each table in case any was lacking.

This Valentines Couples Game was PERFECT!

People munched and chatted a little while filling out the cards. After finishing all the questions, several couples went around the table they were sitting at and read their answers out loud which made for very interesting follow up stories for the rest of the table to hear!

How to play the Valentines Couples Game

Pass out a game card along with a writing utensil to each guest. Ask everyone to answer the questions individually and don’t let couples see or talk about what they wrote down (they will see results soon enough!)

As soon as the couple is finished, they will go through their cards together to compare answers. This is where the fun begins, seeing how well couples really know each other and how they view aspects of their relationship. For every question they answered the same, they get one point. Tally up the total number of points and the couple with the most points wins!

I admit I was overly confident going into it (I mean I had come up with the game questions for heavens sake) but my husband and I were not the winning couple… not even the runners up. It was a great learning experience for both of us!

FREE printable Valentines Couples Game cards! Fun game that challenges how well couples think they know each other. Definitely PIN!

Free Printable Valentines Couples Game

Each game card is 5 x 7 inches, identical besides a little color variations, and prints two per page. You can print them at home, the office, or a professional printing place. To download, simply click on the link below:

Valentines Couples Game

Whether you just have a few friends over or throw a large scale party, this Valentines Couples Game will be a fun addition.

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